Susanna Teodoro


She was born in 1965 in Turin.
In the middle of the Eighties, after the move of her family to Tuscany,
she starts her activity as illustrator of children books in collaboration with her father Francesco Teodoro, graphic designer.
During several years her job concentrates on school publishing and illustration applied to graphic.
In 1998 she comes back living in Turin, where she meets the illustrators Anna Cola and Monica Fucini with whom she creates the Anikibobo Studio.
The group collaborates with several Italian publishers that produce childhood books and with periodicals and advertising agencies.
She attends to some workshops with the illustrators Lisbeth Zwerger, Svjetlan Junakovic.
She draws for the weekly “The diary”, she participates to some collective exhibitions and to some international illustration contests.
She attends to two workshops of calligraphic writing with Giovanna Frova ed Elisa Vallarino with the association “From sign to writing” of Turin.
She takes part in some exhibitions of children books illustrating for primary and secondary school and she runs a workshop about fairy-tale in Campobasso for the “League of Italian readers”.
Since 2010 she’s been working on several projects concerning illustration and applied art world.